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Don't get rid of your Sofa, Love Seat, Recliner or Chaise Lounger.

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Padding Replacement Services

Is your sofa, love seat, recliner or chaise lounger uncomfortable due to saggy or compressed seats,  back cushions or arms? Has it become aesthetically unpleasing?  Do the pictures above resemble your furniture?

Here is the reason why your furniture not being more than a few years old at best is experiencing this break down.

Often furniture that is only a couple of years old begins to show signs of wear, especially in padded areas i.e. cushions and arm rests.  These areas will flatten out and become uncomfortable and unattractive.

  This occurs because factories use a low grade, low density foam for padded areas such as seat cushions and arms.  Seat back cushions are regulated and required to have a minimum amount of padding based the size of the cavity.  The industry uses the term "poundage" when referring to the grade and density of the material.  Furniture manufacturers save money by utilizing low density material and offer limited, one (1) year warranty on padding.  Why is this?  The manufacturers know their product will start to break down after one year and therefore will not offer extended warranties to cover "padding".

   It is all about the cost!  The cheaper the cost of manufacturing furniture is, the greater the profit margin is for them.

Who suffers?   You do - the average consumer.  You have spent a good deal of money ($$) to purchase your furniture only to have it become very uncomfortable and nonfunctional in a short period of time.  Can you afford to replace your furniture every year?  If you do you will only be purchasing more of the same!

How Can We Help?

We specialize in returning your furniture cushions back to the original show room quality and comfort you purchased.  We utilize a high density foam product for the seat cushions.  Increasing the product density will increase the stiffness as well as longevity!

For the back cushions we double the poundage of padding.  In fact we are able to adjust the poundage to accommodate a consumers preference with respect to varying comfort levels.  Would your prefer a firmer seat for his favorite spot on the sofa?  Would you prefer a softer seat in your favorite spot?   We can adjust the density of each seat to accommodate you both!  We can even adjust for back issues.

We often assist elderly customers who have trouble getting up from seats because the seats have sunk and are lower than when initially purchased.   Furniture EMT can install proper, higher density padding, which raises the seat height making it much easier to stand from a sitting position.  

The Service We Provide

Our Technicians are field trained and will perform this service "In your Home" and on one service visit!  No need for you to load up the furniture to bring to us or be without your furniture.  This is costly and unnecessary.  We offer this service to the consumer to save you the expense of purchasing new furniture and also affording you the opportunity to relax and enjoy what you have already purchased.

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