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Tuesday, February 11 2014

How can I get static electricity out of my couch?

I recently bought a new couch that has a real problem with static electric buildup. What can I do to lessen/remove this? Is there a way to ground a couch? the buildup is enough to make hair stand up with minimal touching of the couch. i'm not rubbing my arm on it for 5 minutes to get this to happen. Just sit, stand up. you'll discharge on something. i sat down with my laptop and got stung twice just during the motion of sitting.

Fabric softener sheets and sprays are temporary fixes.

The winter season brings much dryer air which enables static buildup on your couch (and other things in your house too). With more humid air, the charge buildup will disappate into the air and things will remain at a more even state. No more shocks.

Turn on the humidifier that's on your furnace (or get one installed). The periodically need maintenance, new filters, clearing of water lines in order to continue to function. Sometimes you also need to turn a level on an air bypass line to get the air properly flowing through your furnace.

If you're in an older house or apartment with radiators, place a small pan with water in it on the radiator. You can also buy a table top humidifier for about $20. Doesn't matter which room you run it in as long as you keep the doors open between rooms.

Careful not to turn up the humidity too high if its extremely cold outside. If you start seeing condensation appear on your windows, you will want to slightly lower the humidity level lest the water buildup and runoff (over time) rots the wood at the bottom of your windows.

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