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Friday, January 24 2014

Our new furniture has a strong chemical smell.

What is this odor?

You just got a sweet new couch or coffee table, but you are noticing a nasty chemical smell coming from it. Well that smell is likely due to VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from chemically treated woods, fabrics, and materials. These are bad for your health and a pretty big nuisance, so it’s best to avoid purchasing furniture that emits VOC’s… but sometimes it’s hard to avoid.

How can we get rid of the odor?

Give the new furniture a good cleaning. Using rags, a bowl, good old fashioned dish soap, essential oils, and olive oil you can clean leather, wood, and upholstered furniture to help remove the chemical smell of new furniture. To clean leather and upholstered furniture add 1-2 tbsp of dish soap to a large bowl of warm water and mix until sudsy. Wipe down the leather or upholstered furniture with the soapy water and dry with a soft rag. Allow to dry completely for 12-24 hours. For wood furniture mix olive oil with a few drops essential oils (like tea tree, orange, or lemon) and apply with a soft rag to clean the wood and remove the chemical smell.
Further deodorize upholstered furniture. Sprinkle furniture with baking soda and allow to sit overnight. Then vacuum out the baking soda the next morning. If the smell persists fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and mist over furniture. The vinegar is a natural and safe deodorizer.
Use a natural odor absorber. Zeolite is a porous volcanic rock that absorbs and eliminates odors. It’s reusable, affordable, and totally safe. You can order it from The Allergy Store or pick up another safe/natural deodorizer The Bad Air Sponge from Amazon for around $10.

Will the odor return?

Eventually the odor will be eliminated.  Once the chemical smell is gone it will not return.

Don't want to tackle this on your own! Call Furniture-EMT Virginia today, we will treat your furniture to eliminate these odors or simply clean if needed

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