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Wednesday, January 22 2014

My leather is fading

Customers call and state that there leather furniture is fading.

Why is this happening?

You would never venture out in 100-degree weather without some sort of skin protector, would you? Never!  You protect your skin because you want to live in it for a good long while.  And just as you slather on the SPF before sun exposure, you need to remember to protect one of your other investments – your furniture.

Indoors, or out, sun exposure and heat damage to your furniture is detrimental and usually irreversible.  So as we enter into the summer season, remember to protect your home investments!  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

We thought leather was indestructible !

Although leather is strong, the sun is stronger.  Sunlight and leather do NOT play well together.  Too much sunlight could lead to two things: color fading and drying.  Fading is a common problem among leather pieces that have been placed next to a window that gets too much sunlight, especially pieces that do not have a protective topcoat, like semi-aniline and aniline leathers, as well as dark leathers since they absorb more light.  Drying is something that can happen to any kind of leather, fully finished, or not.  Heat causes moisture in the leather’s natural oils to slowly evaporate, resulting in stiffening and cracking.

What can be done?

Once leather is faded, the only way to get color back is to re-dye and color match it.  You’ll need a professional to do this (not an inexpensive fix).  Once the natural oils of the leather dry out, unfortunately re-hydration is not an option.   So it’s better to take preventative care to protect your investment, rather than throw money away with un-protective care.   If you live in Maryland like we do, this is one time you can be grateful for humidity. Unfortunately, the amount of air conditioning and dehumidifying that most Americans live with indoors these days negates any benefits you might get from a humid ‘outdoor’ environment.

Unsure if your leather can be saved?

Call Furniture-EMT Virginia today for a professional in home inspection by one of our certified technicians to evaluate the condition and afford options to consider what course to take.

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