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Thursday, January 09 2014

Dresser chipped

My dresser is chipped, can it be repaired?

We are called on a daily basis with this question,  the answer is yes!
Whether your dresser, night stand, head board, foot board, dining table, end table, coffee table, etc. is chipped or scratched it can be repaired.

Does this type of damage require refinishing the entire piece?

In most cases no it does not require to be totally refinished.  A procedure known as a burn in can be performed to fill in this chip as a permanent repair.  This is generally used on surfaces such as table tops, etc. a colored acrylic compound is heated to the point of melting, then the depression is filled in with this compound.  It is then sanded down using wet/dry sand paper, machine oil is used to minimize further damage to the surrounding area.  A substance known as burn in balm can also be used.  The area will need to be re colored to match the existing finish as close as possible.  The final step would be to apply a clear top coat with the appropriate sheen to seal.

What is the cost of this procedure?

The cost of this service depends on the severity of the damage, obviously a light scratch is cheaper to repair than a large chip or chunk due to time, labor and materials used.

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