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Tuesday, December 31 2013

Why is my leather peeling?

We get asked this question about leather peeling all the time.   Real Leather is an actual animal skin not a synthetic material it requires maintenance to keep it soft, pliable and moist to prevent the various stages of dryness which in turn causes the leather to become increasingly brittle and eventually to the point of peeling.

Can the leather be saved at this point?

The leather can be re surfaced with compounds, sanding, re dying and top coated with the appropriate sheen.

What is the cost of this process?

This particular process is time consuming and expensive.  It is cheaper to have the item re upholstered.  The only draw back is the new leather will be a much brighter piece than the existing leather due to fading from light.

What could I have done to prevent this from happening?

As we stated earlier maintenance is the key.  Lanolin which is a key component in the leather tannery process is essential to sustaining the moisture required to prevent cracking and peeling.  When you start to see the leather showing creases it is becoming dry and needs to be conditioned.

How often should I condition the leather?

There are a number of factors to consider when determining how often.
The type of heat your home has, is it a dry heat such as a heat pump or gas heat?  Is it oil heat?  The drier the heat the quicker the leather will dry out.
Your clothes!  How often the furniture is used will also dictate how often you should condition.  Your clothes actually absorb moisture from the leather. A general rule of thumb would be every 2 months in the Winter and every 3-4 months in the Summer.  Summer air has a greater amount of moisture even with air conditioning.

Furniture-EMT Maryland offers an in home service to professionally clean and condition your leather to keep it beautiful for years to come.
Call Furniture-EMT Maryland today to schedule an in home evaluation of your leather furniture by one of our professional technicians.

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