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Tuesday, December 31 2013

Why is my sofa seat dipping?

At Furniture-EMT Virginia we perform many repairs to furniture frames.  There are a number of reasons why frame damage occurs to sofas, love seats, chaise loungers and lounge chairs.  One of the biggest reasons are knots in the support boards and spring rails.  Yes that is correct "knots", many manufacturers do not discard a board because it has a knot in it, they install the board anyway whether it is a major support board or simply a contour brace.  Over time from dryness and stress these knots will separate from the surrounding wood causing the board to become weak, bowed, warped and eventually split or break.  If this is a major frame support board then you will experience dipping in the seat area, a gap in the rear of the seats, springs detach can cause a host of other problems are associated with this type of damage.

Can this be repaired?

Yes,  the technicians at Furniture-EMT Virginia are field trained to diagnose the exact cause and repair the affected area to include replacement of these damaged boards.

What is the cost of this service?

The service fee is dependent upon what board is damaged and where.  A spring rail board for example is more time consuming due to having to remove all of the seat springs, spring clips, support wires and retaining clips, the removal of the board and the reassembly of these parts.
A less expensive and time consuming board would be a vertical back brace. This would require a partial fabric removal and the board itself.

Will my sofa be the same as new?

Yes it will, the technicians at Furniture-EMT Virginia will perform this service with a higher standard than the industry itself.  The replacement boards we use do not have any knots and are solid oak pieces to ensure the repair will out last the surrounding factory installed boards.

Call Furniture-EMT Virginia today for a professional evaluation and solution to your furniture needs.

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