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Wednesday, December 04 2013

Why is my recliner stuck in the reclined position?

There are many different types of reclining mechanisms in the furniture industry.
Some of these reclining mechanisms utilize a lock plate that looks like a small bicycle chain sprocket.  It has three teeth, generally for three different levels of reclining positions. It is attached to the drive rod through small pins and springs.  The drive rod is attached to the reclining handle on the side of the recliner.  We will discuss this particular type.

What happens to this lock plate assembly that causes it to stick?

Over the years, we have found that with constant use, the lock plate develops small burrs that actually cause the pins that roll over the teeth from one position to the next to get stuck.  The pins remain in that position leaving you with a reclined chair you have to literally climb over the side to get out of.  Simple enough unless you are an elderly individual or have some sort of medical issue.

What can I do to return the chair to the normal sitting position?

Position the chair on its back, hold the foot rest with one hand and with your other hand gently pull the pin on the lock plate towards you far enough past the teeth to allow the foot rest to fully close.

What can I do to correct this issue from happening again?

Providing the lock plate is not worn to the extent of requiring replacement you can file down these burrs with a rat tail round file.  The key is not to create a dip by filing too much, if this happens you are back to square one with a useless recliner.  If you do not wish to engage in this self repair, we recommend you contact a professional furniture repair service such as Furniture-EMT Maryland to correctly evaluate and inspect the mechanism to provide the proper service to have you back to relaxing in your recliner.

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