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Sunday, November 24 2013

Why do the springs squeak when I sit on my sofa?

The issue of why springs squeak is a question Furniture-EMT Virginia has been answering for our customers for a long period of time.  There are many types of seat and back springs, there are generally only a few different types of spring clips.  Spring clips are what holds the ends of the spring to the frame of the sofa called the spring rail.  These spring clips are metal and retain the spring by encasing the spring end in a shallow pocket.  This is where the squeaking begins.  Every time you sit on your sofa, love seat, chair or chaise lounger pressure is placed on the springs bending them in and out.  This bending actually rotates the end of the spring inside the spring clip causing the squeak.  As stated earlier both the spring and spring clip are metal.

What can we do?

The first thing is to contact a professional furniture repair company such as Furniture-EMT Virginia to provide an inspection of the unit to determine the exact cause of the squeak.  It could be simply the spring ends and clips rubbing together, it could be the spring rail has warped,  it could be from a broken or detached spring.  In either case Furniture-EMT Virginia can help.

Can these issues be corrected?

These issues can be corrected in a number of ways.  The obvious being to replace a spring rail that has warped, or replace a spring or clip that has broken.  We at Furniture-EMT Virginia utilize a few different however, very effective methods of eliminating this annoying squeaking issue.

Contact Furniture -EMT Virginia for a professional in home inspection/estimate to return peace and quiet to your furniture.

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