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Sunday, November 24 2013

Why have my sofa arms sunk in?

We often get this question from customers, Why have my sofa arms sunk in? it is an ongoing problem in the furniture industry.  Many manufacturers utilize the same process and method of constructing furniture.  The arms are framed out of wood then formed with cardboard, yes that is correct, cardboard.  This cardboard is the support for the  foam or polyester that is the padding.  When pressure is applied to the arm you will hear a popping sound.  When too much pressure is applied the form will break apart creating a weak spot and the beginning of the arm sagging. Eventually the arm will indent to the point of remaining in that position, thus leaving you with an arm that is very uncomfortable as well as aesthetically unpleasing.

What can I do to correct this issue?

Because this issue is due to the internal construction, you will need to contact a professional repair service company such as Furniture-EMT Maryland to remove the arm fabric, replace the form, re pad and re upholster.  This will return comfort and appearance back to its original condition.  We at Furniture-EMT Maryland not only restore the arm but add another step to insure this will never happen again.  That is our little secret!

What is the cost of this service?

The cost of the service is based on the style of the sofa, love seat, chair, etc. some require more deconstruction than others.

Call Furniture-EMT Maryland today for an inspection and estimate.

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