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Sunday, November 24 2013

Why does the fabric on my upholstered furniture have light & dark areas?

Customers ask us why the light and dark areas will not even out on their furniture.  They notice the seat area, arm area, and inside back area Are darker than the surrounding fabric.  We'll if you are one of the many people that have purchased upholstered furniture made of a microfiber or micro suede you are experiencing this.  Unlike the crush velvet of years past that when you ran your hands  across it would go from light to dark it would always even back out. The difference with micro fiber and micro suede is once the area has turned a darker or lighter color due to sitting or pressure it will not return to its original shade meaning light and dark spots are permanent!  There is a name for this unsightly appearance, it is called "shading".  The fibers Matt down on one side and remain in that position.

A frequently asked question:  Can I minimize the shading effect ?  No!

The more you use your furniture the more shading will take affect.  Some people have used steamers to try and reverse shading only to find out that now in addition to shading you now have steam head marks as well.

How do I clean microfiber/micro suede?

Contact a professional such as Furniture-EMT to have it cleaned properly.  Our methods are proven in the field.

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