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Monday, October 28 2013

Why do my sofa back cushions loose their shape?

I get this question from my Maryland customers all the time. Customers want to know why their cushions have become miss-shaped.

Through our experience we have found that the factory casings are generally filled with a loose polyester blend material encased in a nylon bag and simply placed into the casing.  Since the polyester blend is a loose fill it tends to separate creating shallow spots in one area and lumps in another. When a person sits on their sofa, chair or love seat, your back puts pressure on the casing pulling the fill down to gather at the bottom and become uncomfortable as well as not pleasing aesthetically.

A simple trick is to place your hands at the bottom of the casing and work the polyester fill back towards the top of the casing to even the cushion out.

Of course this is a temporary fix that will eventually work its way back to the unsightly, uncomfortable issue you were concerned with in the first place.

A more permanent fix would be to contact a professional Maryland furniture repair service company, like Furniture-EMT of Maryland, to have the cushions re-stuffed correctly utilizing a bonded polyester material as well as loose polyester. Due to greater costs the factories do not use this extra  step of using a bonded material in the casings, the bonded material actually creates a barrier between you and the nylon bag filled with a loose filler, now when a person sits their back won't pull the loose fill down.  This allows the cushion to retain its original shape and level of comfort.

The consumer is left with a temporary cushion from the start. Furniture-EMT of Silver Spring Maryland, specializes in cushion replacement and re stuffing, utilizing these materials to afford long lasting comfort and appearance.

Contact us today in Maryland and see how we can help you!

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