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  1. My back cushions are sagging, what is causing this, and can they be fixed?
    The material used in these back cushions is a fiber fill. It is composed of a loose non bonded material housed in a nylon enclosure. This fibrous material pulls apart, separates and shifts itself to the bottom of your cushion causing a void at the top and a large lump at the bottom. We can remove the existing loose fiber fill and replace it with a bonded material that will withstand the pressures of everyday use. Your sofa or loveseat will be restored to showroom quality. You will feel the extra support and increased comfort.

  2. My cushions are flat as pancakes! Can you help?
    Yes we can. We can replace the existing cushion inserts with new foam inserts, restoring the fullness and comfort you experienced when you purchased your furniture.

  3. The arm of my sofa is indented and making a popping sound. Why has this occured? Can it be repaired?
    Yes it can. Many manufacturers utilize a cardboard form to shape the arm and provide a support for the padding on top. Sometimes when too much pressure is applied the form will indent. We can remove the fabric and padding. Our technician will replace the existing form, install padding and re-upholster the arm restoring its original appearance and fullness.

  4. When sitting on our sofa the springs squeek.. It is very annoying! What can be done?
    We will perform an inspection to determine the exact cause of the squeak. It could be from loose springs and retaining clips to broken springs. The wood support rail for the springs may be warped, detached or broken. We can resolve any one of these issues to eliminate the annoying squeak.

  5. Our teenage son and his friends were horsing around on our loveseat and have broken the arm frame! Is the unit ruined?
    No, it is not. Whether it is a stationary or reclining unit, an arm, or back frame we can easily repair the unit. The process involves removing the fabric and padding, repairing or replacing the damaged board and re-upholstering the unit to its original form and appearance.

  6. My reclining chair is stuck in the reclined position. I cannot return it to the sitting position. Is the mechanism broken?
    More often than not the mechanism is not broken. Normal wear and tear cause pieces of the mechanism to fail resulting in a condition called "lockout". Our technician will evaluate the furniture and provide a remedy.

  7. My electric lift chair will raise to help me out but will not recline. I depend on this chair for quality of life. Why is this occuring?
    Lift chairs can be hard to diagnose. Most companies use the process of elimination approach. They will try one thing and if that doesn't work they will go to the next. This can be quite expensive and time consuming for the customer. Furniture-EMT technicians are certified and qualified to diagnose the electrical system and pinpoint the exact cause of the faulty item. This saves you money and enables us to get your chair functioning quickly.

  8. Our dog chewed the wooden leg on our chair. It is an older chair and I can not locate any replacement parts. The chair was my Father's and holds great sentimental value. Can you help?
    Yes, we can. Our technicians are trained to remold the leg to the original shape and we match the stain to the existing color restoring the appearance. Sorry, we can't fix the dog!

  9. We have purchased a 5 piece sectional and within a year we've noticed it looks 10 years old! The fabric is loose, the cushions are flat and mishapen. It is uncomfortable to sit on. We spent over $6,000 for this furniture. The salesman told us it would hold up for years to come. We are so disappointed! Can these pieces be restored?
    Yes, they can. We specialize in this area. Unfortunately, furniture manufacturers are constantly cutting costs on construction materials. The quality of the product is directly effected. High quality seems to be a thing of the past. Don't be discouraged. We at Furniture EMT can help. We will come to your home remove the existing factory low grade padding and replace it with a high grade, high density performance padding to restore the appearance, comfort and reliability you expect. This service is performed in your home and completed at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture. After all, purchasing new furniture will only be a new set with the same problems!

  10. We have a coffee table, hutch and china cabinet. There are scratches, dings, chips and areas that are void of stain. Does this require refinishing the entire piece?
    In some instances refinishing the entire piece may be necessary. However, small scratches, chips and dings are simple repairs that can be performed on site. We repair, stain and reseal all affected areas to restore the piece to showroom quality.

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